Ever wonder some of the ways to make up a missed meeting? We all know that we can participate in a club service project for a meeting credit but what are some of our other options?
You have a wide variety of options. If on vacation, seek out a local Rotary club and attend their meeting. Here are some of the options available to you.
  1. Del Norte Sunrise Rotary Board of Directors meeting, 3rd Wednesday 5:30 P.M. in the Community Healthcare District conference room 550 E Washington Blvd. in Crescent City, CA.
  2. Crescent City Rotary Club meets downstairs in the Elks Lodge, 348 H St., Crescent City CA every Thursday at 12:10 p.m.  (Fellowship begins 11:45 A.M.)
  3. Brookings Rotary Club meets every Tuesday at noon in the Sebastian's Seafood Restaurant, 16001 Boat Basin Road, Harbor Or. (Across from the Best Western in the Brookings Harbor)
  4. Actively participate in a Board Approved Community Service Project.
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  6. Participate in and or attend District, Regional (Zone), National or International trainings and events and provide the home club secretary with appropriate documentation to support such credit for meeting absence.
  7. When on the road, check the internet for meeting dates and times in your destination cities. Remember that Rotary is truly "International" such that all US states and territories, along with most countries and major international cities will provide you with multiple opportunities for attending meetings whether you travel for business or pleasure.
NOTE: If a Rotarian is at least 65 and has been a member of Rotary for at least 20 years, he or she can request to invoke the "Rule of 85"  such that missed meetings are excused without the need to participate in a makeup activity as listed in items 1-6 above.