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The club actually chartered roughly 3 months after a core group of the members of the Del Norte (noon) Rotary Club discussed the possibility of building an alternative club to meet in the mornings. The club formally chartered March 21, 1995.  Rotary was in a growth mode at the time. It was felt that the noon club had enough members to justify another club in Crescent City. The club needed twenty members to get chartered. Original meetings were held in the banquet room Roland's Restaurant which is now Torrero's Restaurant. Bill Schreiber was instrumental in leading the group through the process. Jeff Corning became the first club president. The new members formed the club before actual chartering. This led to such competitive intra-club rivalries  with softball ("we beat their team soundly" according to Jordan Kekry) and bed race competition between the clubs which "ended in a draw" according to  Bill Cochran. In reminiscing about the club chartering, both Bill and Jordan were proud of the  international dinner that was created as a major fundraiser to support the new club's activities activities. 

The 34 people listed below had the vision and fortitude to charter our club: 

Bryant (Brooks) Anderson

Robert P. Brohmer

Stephen (Steve) Brohmer

Kirk Brown

John M. Burlake

Raymond A. Caine 

Ben Cameron

Stephen Casey

Jay M. Cholwell

William (Bill) Cochran

Jeffrey (Jeff) Corning

Leroy A. Davies

Susan Elliott

Silverio Fernandes

Gary Gillespie

Ronald S. Holden

Samuel C. Ingram

John Johannessen

Byron K. Justus

Jordan Kekry 

Russell Kinikin

Ancil D. Leister

James Maready

Darryl Norenberg

Dean Olson

Bhanu Patel

Nick Pottorff

Sarah Sampels

Gene R. Schach

Richard C. Sermon

Philip W. Seybold

Mark Svennungsen

Peter J. Tardiff

Michael Young